General terms and conditions

Our terms and conditions and other information for our vacation rental

Article 1: The vacation rental can only be reserved by paying a deposit amounting to 50% of the total rental price. The balance of the rent and additional costs must be paid 15 days before the rental start date.

Article 2: A deposit must also be paid on the scheduled payment date. The deposit will be refunded within two months of the tenant's departure if he has fulfilled all his obligations.

Article 3: If the tenant does not pay the balance on time, the real estate office will have the right to continue renting the property. When this happens effectively, the first tenant will have to pay the difference in revenue a 15% commission fee on the re-rental to the real estate office. If the property cannot be re-rented then the tenant will still owe the landlord the full balance.

Article 4: Unless otherwise stated, on arrival and departure the agency will take the water, electricity, gas and/or heating meters and deduct the consumption from the deposit.

Article 5: The tenant needs the written consent of the landlord or the real estate agency to sublet or bring animals into the property.

Article 6: The tenant must make good use of the rented property as a good family man. This means, among other things: that the objects that make up the household may not be moved, that the household regulations must be respected and that the tenant must clean the house upon departure. Damages must be reported immediately to the real estate office. The number of persons who may occupy the accommodation is determined either by the number of beds or by formal designation.

Article 7: The rent charged also includes the commission, the fixed rights and a lump sum for control and inspection. Requested or necessary final cleaning will be charged. Insurance against fire, water damage, glass breakage and cancellation are also included in the rental price. The general conditions regarding these insurances are available for inspection at the agency.

Article 8: In the houses where an inventory exists, the tenant is obliged to check its accuracy and communicate his remarks in writing within 24 hours. The same applies to the cleanliness of the accommodation.

Article 9: To enable further letting, the tenant may not remove the signs and posters and must allow visits from the real estate office daily from 10 a.m. to noon and from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m.

Article 10: The rental period runs from 3 p.m. the first day to 10 a.m. the last day. The receipt and return of the keys, can only be done during the opening hours of the office.

Article 11: The agency is not responsible for the proper operation of electrical and heating equipment, nor for any defects in the building, nor for public works.

Article 12: It is forbidden to domicile oneself in the rented vacation home.